These days most people seem to know me though my books and short stories, as I write crime, urban fantasy, and science fiction novels under my own name. But I'm also a photographer, and I provide quality systems consultancy to businesses small and large across the UK.


My background may be in engineering, computing, and quality systems, but for as long as I can remember that has included an element of creativity. Whether it was designing a case for a piece of electronic test equipment, or writing training materials to get people interested in quality control, everything I have done since leaving school has required significant creative input. It is hardly surprising therefore that when I got the opportunity, I made the creative side the main focus of my career.


Anything creative that I have for sale, including books, prints, and photography services, can be found at yellowplank.com. For anything to do with Quality, please contact me through the email address on this site.


Mobile number on request. Please email.

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