Like many photographers, the commercial side of my work is very different to the purely artistic projects. Commercially I mainly photograph events such as corporate launches or exhibitions, public concerts, and occasionally sports fixtures such as charity football matches. My personal projects however are all about landscapes, nudes, and portraits, and the exploration of various themes or ideas. Over the next few months I will be looking at dance and the emotion or story behind why people do it, and I have an ongoing project exploring the normality of the nude. I run photography workshops aimed at beginners, and I have just started putting together a serialised version of my workshop notes that will eventually become part of the Yellow Plank podcast.


The links below (Facebook, Behance, etc.) are to places where you can see more of my work and get updates abut what I'm doing. I should point out that all the sites other than Facebook contain an element of nudity, so may not be sutable for viewing in some locations.

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