Graham is the author of three books currently published and sold by Yellow Plank, and his writing crosses multiple genres. His Detective Peter French novels (Through the Square Window and Painting by Numbers) are traditional crime drama that he describes as a cross between Midsomer Murders and A Touch of Frost, whilst Blood Changes and the forthcoming Blood Origins are urban sci-fi / fantasy. He is also working on a fantasy / sci-fi crossover series that will mix magic and pure science fiction in a collision of worlds spanning generations.


Graham is also a photographer, and among the various projects he has on the go at any given moment, he created the covers for all his own books. He is working on some interesting projects that will soon be available to buy through Yellow Plank, but in the meantime you can see his portfolio and buy prints over on SmugMug. See grahamguyphoto.com for more details.


In his role as an author, Graham has featured on panels at the SciFi Weekender in north Wales, and at TLW Lexicon in Faversham, talking about a variety of subjects connected to his writing. He has also made the occasional appearance at local schools and colleges, and spoken about writing, photography, and how to expect the unexpected in career progression.


Curiously, Graham has no idea why he wrote this page in the third person, and promises to fix it forthwith.