News and Events.


News and reviews of places I've been, conventions I've attended, and signings that I've... well, signed at. As I book new events the details will be posted here so you can come along and say hello. If you find me and ask nicely then I'll sign just about anything for you. Unless it's a book by someone else of course, because that would be weird.

Forthcoming Events

Sci-Fi Bromley
November 14th 2015


I will be running my usual stall in the trader area, but will also be hosting and participating in two panel discussions with new authors throughout the day.


Come along and say hello, and buy a book! Signed free.

Previous Appearances

Sci-Fi By The Sea, Herne Bay
21st June 2015


This was our first time here, at an event I suppose you could describe as an outdoor comic con. It was held in the grounds of a school in Herne Bay, and had everything you would expect to find. With dozens of trading stalls, activities all around, and props and cosplayers galore, there was something for everyone, and business was good.


The weather was kind to us, which is always a bit of a concern in the UK, and the turnout was amazing, with something like 8000 people through the gate.


Sharing the stand with me was Ben Slythe.

Wycombe Comic Con
6th June 2015


This was our second convention, but it was a first for Wycombe. Held in the student union of Buckinghamshire New University, this event squeezed quite a lot of action into a comparatively small space. There was a good trading area, a signing room with guests from TV and film, and much action from the roaming cosplayers and prop-wielders.


It was a good turnout, and I met a lot of interesting people. Will definitely be back next year.

Sci-Fi Weekender, North Wales
19th-21st March 2015


I have been to SFW many times before, even back when it was known as the SFX Weekender and held in Kent. This year, however, was my first venture into the real world as a trader, and so it was all a bit of a voyage into the unknown. There were changes to the format this year as well so no-one really knew quite what to expect, but it actually turned out pretty well.


Although it was a sci-fi themed event, I took along my crime books as well to see if they sold, and as it happens they went really well. It turns out that not everyone at a sci-fi lock-in is into sci-fi, as some have come with friends or family, so they appreciated having something for them as well!


Much to my surprise, I also ended up taking part in a panel discussion on the main stage, talking about dystopian futures. This went really well, and I hope to do more like that in the future.