These are the books I have published at the moment, along with links to where you can buy them either as an e-book or in paperback. Links to the Kindle versions are in the Amazon UK store, but you can search and find them in all other markets.

Through the Square Window

Detective Peter French, Book 1


A quiet morning in the English countryside turns to murder, as an unidentified body is found floating at the edge of the river. For Detective Inspector Peter French the discovery marks the start of a case with twists and turns at every step, a case that brings back some uncomfortable memories and forces him to take a long challenging look at what can be called a motive.


With time running out French must sort the facts from the distractions and find the killer before it is too late.

Painting by Numbers

Detective Peter French, Book 2


A fatal accident followed by a suicide seems like an open and shut case for Detective Inspector Peter French, but things soon begin to unravel when new evidence points towards an unusual and complex murder. Why would anyone have gone to so much trouble when the victim had no obvious enemies? What is the significance of the impossible paintings found near the scenes of both incidents? And is an apparently unrelated case from two years earlier connected in any way, or is it just a coincidence?


With no motive and no obvious suspects to investigate, French is under pressure to make sense of it all and close the case, before the killer disappears completely.